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Main targeted for charge & discharge performance, overcharge & over discharge test, capacity sorting test and smart battery test, which applicable to lithium-ion battery, Ni-MH battery, lead-acid battery, carbon battery, alkaline battery, lithium button cell battery, etc. Testing equipment includes Blue-Key lithium battery capacity sorting cabinet, Neware/RePower ageing cabinet, primary battery auto-discharge test cabinet and so on.

BK-3512L/2 Blue-Key Lithium Battery Auto Test and Formation Equipment

Used for formation, capacity sort, charge, discharge and cycle life tests on lithium-ion battery to ensure whole performances of single especially combined battery.

  1. Double-sided structure. For a cabinet, 512 single lithium-ion batteries can be independently tested with own CC and CV supply
  2. Able to test internal resistance and select battery
  3. Multi hardware protection: sampling line break protection,upper and lower over voltage protection and electric leakage protection
  4. Powerful software function to finish unified test, monitor, data process and table report, etc;
  5. Multi battery connectors to keep each battery’s complete charge & discharge data and curve;
  6. With function data protection under power cut-off;
  7. Available to set more than 64 work steps and 256 cycles.


Neware High-Precise Battery Test Instrument BTS-5V6A

Mainly used for test of cell cycle time, capacity, charge & discharge on li-polymer, lithium-ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Lead acid battery.

  1. Stable and reliable hardware system;
  2. Multi charge & discharge mode: CC, CV and CC/CV charge, and CC, CP and CR discharge;
  3. Cycle range: 1-9999 times;
  4. Support of automatic test program to achieve a friendly man-machine interface;
  5. Each passage can independently test through programming. Each step can continue in case of “stop ” (including power cut off) to prevent loss of current data;
  6. Fast speed of data collection;
  7. Powerful data and curve process and report function to output editable Excel and word;Easy data analysis system and management of all data.


Rechargeable Battery Auto Test Instrument

Activating test, capacity sorting test, charge & discharge and cycle life test on single Ni-MH and Ni-Cd battery.

  1. Double-size structure. 768 batteries can be tested with 16 CC sources independently controlling and with each CC source charging & discharging to 48 batteries;
  2. Non-contact switch way as voltage sampling;
  3. Friendly man-machine interface. Able to set maximum 6 charge-discharge work step combinations;
  4. Have function of voltage auto adjustment and smart battery setup judgment to ensure current and stable test;
  5. Powerful software function to finish unified test, monitor, data process and table report, etc.
  6. With function data protection under power cut-off.


DM-2000 Battery Auto Discharge Testing System

DM-2000 Battery Auto Discharge Testing System can conduct various specified constant-resistance discharge test to primary battery according to IEC standard, national standard and trade standard.

DM-2000 Battery Auto Discharge Testing System is a secondary-control automatic off-line operating system. It is made up a host computer and several discharge cabinets equipped as per customers’ requirement. Host computer can at any time monitor or exit discharge process with no effect on discharge test. With Windows 98 operating system software as platform, discharge result is displayed, printed and made into documents (including curve), which can be adjustable in Excel2000, printed or sent by E-mail. Each discharge cabinet has independent single computer control and power system, and can fulfill operation under conditions of off line  or power cut-off.

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