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Safety Lab

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Safety Lab


1. High Temperature Short Circuit Test Box
Test battery safety performance under high-temperature short circuit with automatic warm-keeping function and normal temperature short circuit and heat shock testers.
2. Battery Heat Shock Test Box:
Test battery performance under imitated rapid temperature rising environment.
3. Battery Incinerator
Used for testing safety performance of battery suffering external fire.
4. Heavy Impact Test Device
Analog heavy impact placed on cell or battery.
5. Crush Test machine
Analog of cell or battery subject to external crush, The force for the crushing is to be applied by a hydraulic ram with 32mm diameter position. The crushing is to be continued until force of 17.2Mpa. Once the maximum pressure has been obtained, it is to be released.
6. Nail Test Machine
Analog of cell or battery subject to external short circuit. Nail speed, nail force and nail time are adjustable.
7. Drop Test Machine:
The maximum weight of the tested is 2kg with drop height 300-500mm (adjustable). Multi-site and multi-angle drop is supported. It is applicable to the drop test of battery, mobile phones, electronic dictionary and other mini consumer electronics and their parts.

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